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Innerspice - Muddy Salt Creek (2018)

Blues  Psychedelic Rock  Other Rock
Date: 12 january 2019
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  • ARTIST: Innerspice
  • ALBUM / TITLE: Muddy Salt Creek
  • COUNTRY: USA (Chicago, IL)
  • STYLE: Roots Rock, Swamp Blues, Psychedelic
  • LABEL: Innerspice - 192914589921
  • DURATION: 00:57:33
  • QUALITY: 320 kbps
  • Site:

  • RATING: 10 / 3    
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Torrent description

01. Muddy Salt Creek 07:08
02. Time Comes Home 04:58
03. Handles Of Destiny 05:31
04. The Special 04:35
05. Don't Turn Around 05:45
06. I Got The News 07:07
07. New Song 05:15
08. Ashes To Ashes 04:41
09. Hard Cold Ground 05:35
10. Someone's Got To Do It 06:54
Muddy Salt Creek is the first studio release from Innerspice, a band that first made its mark in live performance, and now makes a strong transition to the studio in style, with the energetic interaction that has shaped the evolving sound of an uncompromising middle American rock and roll band.
The ten songs heard here cut a wide swath across enigmatic stories of love and conflict, struggle and the wandering road, and the loneliness of long nights pushing ever onward back towards home.

1 - Muddy Salt Creek
2 - Time Comes Home
3 - Handles of Destiny
4 - The Special
5 - Don't Turn Around
6 - I Got the News
7 - New Song
8 - Ashes To Ashes
9 - Hard Cold Ground
10 - Someone's Got To Do It

Jack Gallagher - guitar, vocals, harmonica, bass trumpet
Dave Gordon - organ, piano, vocals, melodica
Brian Sandstrom - bass
Gary Granberg - drums

Thanks to friends of Innerspice:
Brian Gephart - tenor sax
Eve Gallagher - vocals

Recorded by Dave Gordon at Saturn Studios in Evanston Illinois
Mixed and Mastered by Ed Steffy at The Whistle Pig Social and Pleasure Club in Batavia Illinois
All songs written and copyright by Jack Gallagher
Produced by Jack Gallagher for the Spicemen


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